The best example of the worst website design.

Its rare that I smile when I see a website as its usually a very serious business of keeping a client satisfied with top quality professional work.


…sometimes I wonder if clients appreciate the fine line they walk when they try and influence the design of a web site rather than leaving it in the capable hands of the web designer… namely us.

I will now be referring people to this website as the finest example of work that we at 123 Marbella DO NOT DELIVER. If nothing else many of our clients will breath a sigh of relief that their website looks the way it looks today, even if it may be a few years old.

So without further delay, hold onto your hats, and grit your teeth, for the best example of the worst website design I have seen in a LONG time. (That being said the site is actually very interesting in the respect that it explains the reasons that things are NOT done.)

oh god, here goes:


PS: If you have speakers, you may want to turn them of, rip them out and bin them… and also don’t blame me if this destroys any faith you have in mankind… I´m on the edge personally.