The Google Phone – the Gphone

So rumours have been circulating about a new google devised phone handset and its seems that its now been confirmed as true. Being branded as the “gphone” or indeed “Android” at the moment the there may be a few advancements that Google could bring to the mobile phone market in a technology sense like the last revolution when the iPhone was released.

The operating System running gPhone/Android the phone will be open source allowing developers to begin adding and contributing to the platform pretty much from Day one unlike Apple who I believe made a serious mistake by locking down the development potential of the iPhone both contractually and technically, this could be where this mistake bits them in the ass.

Consequently phone manufacturers will be able to install the Operating System on old phones, new phones fat ones and thin ones giving all and sundry a single platform to develop on unencumbered by the usual regulatory restrictions and rules set by manufacturers. The whole basis of the phone will be using the internet as the driving force for its development rather than as an additional attribute factored into the phone itself, who knows, maybe this is the breaking ground for free internet access.

I cant begin to imagine what’s going to happen with the applications that will appear like wildfire for this system and as usual, all Google related systems and services will be happily and snugly working on it from the word go.

Here is a sneaky shot of the phone courtesy of
The new Google PHone?