Tina Dupuy Takes on the Tampa Tribune for fair payment

Now there’s one impressive way to make sure you get paid fair and square.

Tina Dupuy sent one of her articles to the Tampa Tribune and heard nothing back, until she got a Google Alert leading her to the very piece she had sent to the newspaper who decided that they would go ahead and publish it… without her permission or consent. She wasn’t asking for fortunes, just recognition and the 75 dollars that is the standard fee for this type of submission.

Did she just sit back and say, oh well, better luck next time?

Nope.  Tina Dupuy decides that this just isn’t on.  Time for some Youtube and Social Media power. She put together a post and a video explaining the situation and the response from the news paper.

But the story didnt end there.  Tina did a second video and post. Why? Because she got a result.  She didn’t sue or scream and shout, the result was completely fair for both parties involved so there’s definitely a lesson in here, but I will let Tina explain it.

Take a minute to read and watch Tinas  story and the outcome of that story and come back and tell me that’s not brilliant. I dare you.