THE twitter app – TweetDeck

The best twitter app to date.

Using twitter via the web is all well and good, but a little long winded and slow to update so the best thing to do is download and install one of the freely available twitter apps to manage your twitter presence and stay in communication with all your fellow twitter’ers.

tweetdeck twitter appI have tried quite a few of these,but by far and the best twitter app at this time  is definitely TweetDeck. It has the usual  customisation options available in an interface allowing you to change colour schemes etc. and also some extended and really very handy features.

Using a three column layout it serves to give you the main window on the left with the flow of conversion and twits from the people you follow and are following, the middle window allows you to see twits which are directed at you specifically but viewable to all your followers, (these are twits which have the @yourname on them) and the third column contains the DMs (direct messages) intended solely or privately for you.

Via TweetDeck you can mouse over any persons avatar and choose how you wish to respond to them with the simple icons and it even includes the ReTweet option (something I will explain in another post as its quite important.)

Further to this the layout can be expanded by clicking on someone’s username to get their details and bio, searches can be performed and TwitScoop can be turned on so you can monitor the latest and hottest topics going on in the twitterverse.


To expand on TwitScoop, as its quite interesting, its basially a tag cloud which shows a series of regularly used words in conversations randomly spread about the cloud.  The more used and prominent the word the larger and bolder it appears working exactly like a blogs tag cloud.  At a glance you can see exactly what the “topic of the day” may be.

On top of this there is a group option which allows you to create specifc groups of people or related subjects os you can manage the flow of information much easier.

Other Additional Features include:

  • Catch up with overnight global twitterings as TweetDeck stores all updates whilst running
  • Continual status updates of TweetDeck and Twitter
  • Resize TweetDeck as either an unobtrusive column, full screen or anything in between
  • Especially useful running full screen on a separate monitor
  • Filter tweets using the tweet text, username, source or timeframe
  • Auto updates from the Twitter API

Download TweetDeck

You can grab TweetDeck from the website:

And the first thing you should do is get on and follow me :P  chekc me out on or just perform a search in TweetDeck and hit the follow button from there.

Well? what are you waiting for? Go get TweetDeck – the best twitter app!