Twitter your Crowd Status

Its a typical evening and I’m browsing the web referencing information for a new blog post. As usual im jumping between twitter, my cats and inevitably the fridge as I merrily tap away at different keyword phrases that pop into my head.

Why is it then, that this always happens to me?

I always seem to find something really interesting and cool when I should be focusing on the job at hand. Now usually I can put it aside and come back later but this grabbed my attention for some reason, totally and completely. Maybe it was the simplicity, the brand or the idea itself but I thought, “that is genius”.

Using Twitter is great and I always use TweetDeck but this web app makes me want to go back to the web.  Whats it about, well its groups really, simply groups (or in this case crowds :P) of your friends and associates on twitter.  I know TweetDeck also supports groups but this is a little different and the one super thing about it is that its the last made tweet, on a single page, at a glance.

For monitoring very specific people within your twitter list, this can be and excellent tool, personally I have always wondered what I am missing when I am not online and this crowd manager has helped me stay one step ahead and even better it only takes me seconds to use it.

Instead of me going on and on about it though, skip on over to the site, whats it called?  oh sorry, its called:

the crowd status

Oh and one other thing.  After you create your crowd, theres a public link you can send to people to allow them to see your crowd as well. Check out my Irish Crowd!