Twitter Daily Newspaper tailored to You

Would you like a Twitter Daily Newspaper that has been created around your account and specifically for you based on your followers and friends?  If you like to remember the “good old days” of grabbing a daily newspaper and heading to the cafe to sip on a coffee and bring yourself up to speed on the world and its events then this is for you. Just better. allows you to sign in with your twitter account and gives you three options to produce a daily newspaper based on the information you want to read. You can:

  • Add you name and create a newspaper about you and your social network (like this one: The Justin Parks Daily)
  • Add in a #hashtag that you monitor or wish to keep a good eye on and you read about alot.
  • Add a Twitter list of specific people you want to read about daily.

*Word of warning, is still in Alpha testing, you can only do this with 5 different names, lists or #hashtags!  So DON’T waste them!

The end product is split into different sections for Business, Media, Technoloy and such and includes your own tweets in there (if you created a paper on your own twitter account name) and the thing I like about this is definitely the format as its familiar and similar to reading a newspaper.  the newspaper updates everyday andso once you create it then you just have to return to that URL and you can read the updates anew.

It will probably change some more as it moves through the testing stages but as far as I am concerned its already looking good. Nice job!