Make your Twitter profile sidebar transparent

Yep, you can make your twitter sidebar transparent with this handy little bit of script. Its fast and simple to do and can look pretty cool.

No big deal really but a nice touch that allows the more creative types out there to make the sidebar much more interesting with a well placed graphic or indeed to simply let more of the background show through.

Best you follow these steps in Firefox or Internet Explorer as Chrome doesn’t like it much!

I tested this out and here is how you can do it to:

Step One – Login to twitter and select “edit your profile” then select the “Design” section on to this link

Step Two – Grab the code below:


**Big thanks to João Pedro Carvalho Motta for the original code.

Step Three – Go to the address bar on your browser (where it says and select the URL. Copy over it with the code from above. Just like this.

Now you  just need to hit Enter or line break or return (the big key that makes you take a new line) to make the change take effect.

Final Step – Hit the save button at the bottom of the Design page and your done!

And you can see that the sidebar is now transparent if you go and view your own page profile. For example check:!/justinparks

**Please make sure you check this with a background that is obviously see through as many people dont then they think it doesnt work!

Now what if you want to change back to a normal sidebar with a coloured background. No probs. Just login into the design page again and select “Change Design Background” and hit save and your all sorted.

Nothing major, just thought you might like this little touch!