twttrlist – creating and sharing a list of your favourite Tweets

Favourite Tweets seem to be the flavour of the month for me at the moment with a few articles blogged this week regarding Twitter Favourites.

Coincidently Mashable today released a review of Squidoo who have decided to launched twttrlist, a way of organising and deploying your favourite tweets to friends and followers alike in categories, groups and under hashtags.

As Ben Parr says:

Although really simple, it’s a great way to create a mosaic of Tweets, to promote a hashtag, compile the best tweets about an event, or even promote yourself on Twitter. It also comes with the ability to reply or retweet individual tweets, as well as share the entire Twttrlist page.

It looks like cataloging and adding tweets to favourites might become very useful as a record of important information in the ongoing devleopment of twitter and I have now have ANOTHER app on my list to organise and maintain. Great!