Upgrade WordPress plugins in one click

I have various WordPress sites, I run a few and maintain and admin many others with friends, clients and colleagues alike and once the main bulk of the work is complete I think all the users of WordPress will agree that the single most annoying this is the updating and upgrading of the wordpress plug-ins. The current method requires you to click on each single plug-in and wait for it to upgrade and if you happen to hit it unlucky (like after the WordPress Core has been upgraded) then you might be there for some time and that’s just one site.

I did some searching for a plugin and did see one called One Click Plug-in Updater and decided against it as it required permissions to be changed (my perception was that it would be to difficult for non tekkies to sort out) so I asked around on Twitter and Rob McGuire came back to me and recommend I try that plugin out, so I did.  And it worked a treat!

Grab the One Click Plug-in Updater and try it yourself (hopefully you wont have to mess around with permissions on the server to make it work!).

But wait! Theres more!

This might be surprising to regular users of WordPress as it certinaly surprised me.  Seems it slipped though the cracks at one point in all the new upgrade notes.

Have you noticed that when you upgrade WordPress Core to a new version that there was an option to select all plugins and upgrade them simultaneously but you never knew why that option wasn’t available on the plugins page?  Well check this out.

Glenn Murray from Divine Write saw me asking on twitter about this one click upgrade and he referred my question to Paul Cunningham from Blogging Teacher who suggested I do this.

When you see a plugin or a series of plugins need to be upgraded try this

  • On the left sidebar go to Tools
  • Select Upgrade
  • Select all plugins
  • Click upgrade

Well dont I feel like a right idiot now?  It was there all along and I just never noticed it. Maybe you didnt notice it either but, hey! Now you know. A big thanks to all mentioned who helped me figure this small, but really rather precious nugget out.