User generated media is killing our culture and economy – Andrew Keen on Its only a theory

its_only_a_theory“Its only a Theory” is one of those shows that I enjoy when I catch it on the BBC because the format is smart and witty at the same time. Hosted by Andy Hamilton, Reginald D. Hunter (sort that website out Reg) and joined by a third guest panellist, the broadcaster Dermot Murnaghan on this episode, individuals are invited on to present their theories about any particular subject matter then convince the panel with information, opinion, fact,  argument or science to win the panellists “approval” of the theory or if they fail watch as it gets shredded.

What caught my attention (of course this would) was the theory presented by Andrew Keen entitled “User generated media is killing our culture and economy” and it addressed the subject of how social media, online video and music downloads are having an adverse effect on our culture and economy as it has created a massive shift in the means and methods by which we communicate and interact.

Rather than going into detail discussing the points in the theory you would of course be better off  watching the video, but some idiot has decided to restrict its viewing to the UK alone on the only youtube video I could find (something about copyright infringement, broadcasting rights or other such nonsensical statement) , which means that you will need to use a UK proxy to watch the discussion.

Anyway, ignoring this glitch, I will raise one thing that made the discussion for me. Reginald D. Hunter initially disqualified the theory but then decided to flip and approve it when he said something to the effect of “Yes, I think it is killing our culture and economy but I think these need to evolve, and maybe this is how it can happen”.  (Sorry I can’t quote this accurately at the moment, but this was the general idea).

Anyway, if you can see it enjoy, and if you come across a version that isn’t for the UK only please let me know (I will seek it out in the meantime anyway!)