Vimeo buttons, icons and badges for Social Media

I love Vimeo.  Something like Youtube but different Vimeo has a really smooth and cool interface and I find that the content on there is usually of a pretty high quality, or at least, interesting enough for me to watch for more than 30 seconds.

Vimeo is like Youtube (or the range of other video sites) in that you can create a vimeo profile and favourite and share video,  its free to watch and you can of course take and embed them on your blog or site.  The site design makes me happy though.  The front end of the site is dark, smooth and classy and so is the video player. In contrast the admin interface has nice big bright and spacious buttons.  Those guys have really thought about screen real estate and usability.  Nice one.

One big difference on Vimeo, that I have to salute, is that they do not allow commercial videos, gaming videos, pornography, or anything not created by the user to be hosted on the site and this has help immensely in attracting and maintaining a very artistic and create community.  Lvoe it.

Click any of the images to enlarge it then right click and select “save as” to download he icon to your computer.

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Source: credits for the sites and artists who made these cool icons badges and buttons.