Visitor Map Plugins and Social Network Mapping

I came across a blog recently with a lovely WordPress plugin that displays the current location of the site visitor via their IP on a world map.  Thinking this was quite interesting I looked into a little further and came across a complete set of plugins and addons I thought I would share.

These plugins need to be tested to make sure you don’t slow the site down to much but could prove to be an interesting addition to your blog.

Visitors Map IP Plugin

WordPress Guestmap Plugin

Cluster Maps

Whos Amung Us – Live Map Plugin

They also have a range of other cool little plugins on the showcase page.

This final one isn’t exactly a plugin but rather a social map network.  I registered and have logged in and the interface is pretty extensive but uncluttered.  If you feel like it give it a try, cant do any harm!

Platial Maps

As always, feedback is more than welcome so let me know what you think and how you get on.