Website backlinks and ranking

Convario, an interactive Marketing Analyitics company have just realeased a new patent pending white paper regarding SEO and backlinks. The full article is available to review and their Marketing Action Platform.

It was made clear at the recent a4uexpo I attend that gaining backlinks is the key to success and indeed Covaris have agreed with this stating:

The number one page feature that determines rank continues to be the number of external inbound links. “It’s about how many backlinks does this page have and are they also authoritative? If you’re trying to get a good ranking, the goal is to build out links.”

Craig Mcdonald realises that the ever changing methods of ranking by search engines needs to be monitered, reported on, assessed and acted upon continually to help marketeers establish the best course of action to take when pushing for higher rankings and the emphasis that search engine spiders have on different factors both on site and off site.

It seems however that in order to try this software, see its price, or understand more about the product you have to contact a sales agent directly and I found myself moving in circles trying to find this simple information and getting no where.

I wonder if I could find a product for them that helps turn someone like me into a sale, then again with no mention of price anywhere I am lead to assume that I wouldnt be able to afford it anyway!