Website Submission – Just to clarify

Does this look familiar?

I will Submit your Site to 1 BILLION Search Engines for 5 dollars!
It will make you millions and get you loads of visitors in minutes!
Do NOT Delay – one off payment ONLY €49

This technique is so old I don’t even know why I have mentioned it, maybe because you still see it used (unbelievably).

Save your money and go have a good party, buy the girlfriend a present (definatley much more value there) or just give it to charity.

You do not need to submit your site to a search engine.

(at least not the ones that matter)

You CAN if you wish, but even then once is enough and only to Google it is more than enough.  A link from a site already established or a good press release to a popular article website will also allow the search engines to detect you. You will be detected and picked up, sooner or later.

Don’t waste your money on services offering this, its pointless, and frankly makes me feckin angry when I see it and see people paying for it.

Here, submit your site now, it takes 3 seconds:

Submit your site to Google

But dont just take my word for it: