What is FriendFeed and should I be using it?

I have been asked “What is FF?” quite a few times recently so I thought it might be a good idea to cover this and save me repeating myself a million times in the near future. Of course, now, I will just have to repeat it 10,000 times but that’s a big time saver for me anyway :P!  Lets get on with it!


What is FF*?

FF stands for FriendFeed in social media speak.

*It can also stand for Firefox!

With all your social profiles on a variety of different sites on the web, FriendFeed’s main aim is to centralise all these accounts under one package.  That’s the plain and simple of it.

Creating an account on FriendFeed means you can develop your profile (as usual) and begin aggregating information from a multitude of other social networking and social media sites into your profile.  That sounds really technical doesn’t it? Let me say that again.  Basically it means you have one account and all your other accounts can be added to it, putting them all under one roof.  That was simpler isn’t it!

Using FriendFeed

Friendfeed couldn’t be simpler to use, just create an account, add your profile photo, a short description of who you are and what you do and then begin adding in your other social profiles. The full list of profiles is extensive and covers 58 social networks you can integrate and use as if your where logged in directly.

FriendFeed also has some other really sensible and useful features such as lists (a specific list of friends or people you subscribe to) and Groups, an area where you can meet new people with similar interests but I will cover them in more detail.

For a more comprehensive explanation of what FriendFeed is check out  the help page. I would recommend you try FriendFeed out, purely for the time saving aspect if nothing else and if you do, you can find my FriendFeed at:


If your already on Friendfeed, add a link to your page in the comments. Always nice to meet a new face and say hello.