What is good web site design?

Ahh the eternal question. I suppose we have to remember that no one can actually agree on the meaning of the word design and what it entails to begin with never mind apply the terms “good” and “web design” to it as well!

But, being a glutton for punishment I decided to give it a go by considering the two main points of views when looking at what we will call “goodweb design.

Web Design for the Designer
Form follows function or function follows form. Designers are each and every one a completely unique entity when considering web site design. what’s good, what’s bad, what’s the trend, what’s the style and the fashion and what should the fashion be are all hotly contested debates on many serious web design forums. But considering what is good design for the designer? In a nutshell I think its something a designer can be proud of.

Web Design for the Client
We have all been in the situation where the client plays designer when we know in our heart of hearts that they really should leave it alone… but they are the client. So what’s good design for them? The answer may be “god only knows” but I think the real answer is exactly the same as the designers. Give them something they can be proud of.

ok ok its easy to say “give them something they can be proud of” but how do you reach that wonderful point? Well this is where it all boils down to the designer and their skill at adapting and developing a design solution. Given a situation that is not enviable I think a solid designer will be able to come up with a solution that satisfies both the client and themselves and with that solution they can still be proud of the work they have achieved. If the designer cannot or does not then the design, in my opinion, has already failed.