WordPress Plugin to Optimize your Database

Another one of Joost de Valks plugins slips in here again.

The database you use in WordPress is called MYSQL and it is here that all the information is stored for your pages, posts, images and settings and whatnot. As you update and add and change things on your blog all this information is added and subtracted from the databse accordingly and as you can imagine this leaves it looking a little messy after some time as your not tidying up behind you as you go, rather your just editing the database as you need it with no thought for its structure (naughty naughty).

The consequence of this is that, as the database becomes more “messy”, it also finds it harder to access the information making your site slower and more sluggish for visitors.  A big no no!

What the Optimise Database plugin does it fix that at the click of a single button. Yep, one single click and you only have to click it once a month. Install it, activate it and hit Optimise Now to clean up the database and your done!

Author: Joost de Valk

Download the WordPress Optimize Database plugin.