WordPress Anti Spam plugin with Akismet

For the maintenance and control of spam comments, this plugin is essential for any blog.

Without Askimet, you’ll probably find yourself spending the better part of your day clicking “Delete” or “Spam”. Once you install your blog, take the time necessary to get your Akismet API KEY from their website.  Its completely free, and simply by following their instructions, you’ll register for a personal API KEY by creating an account on WordPress.com.

If you’re making money on your blog, then, choose the commercial version; you’ll more than likely need it.  Don’t get cheap on this, or you’ll regret it. I would also encourage you to make a donation to Akismet to help them keep running to maintain the free personal use system. Dont be embarrassed. Even if it’s one dollar, it will all help.

Author: Akismet

As it’s already installed, there’s no need to download it again, unless you accidentally deleted it…if so download Akismet here.