WordPress Comment Redirect and Thank You Notes Plugin

Yet another of Joost de Valks handy plugins, this one is a great tool for adding a little extra to your blog and helping visitors who take the time to comment feel that bit more welcome.

By installing the plugin, you can set it to direct first time commenters to a specific page, with a thank you message, or to any other page of your choosing in or outside of your site.  The great part about this is the extra value it adds to the commenter’s experience in exchange for taking the time and effort to leave their thoughts and respond to the post content.

Not everyone has or takes the time. But, by making sure you thank them for the effort, it can leave a lasting impression and personalise the site for the visitor, while encouraging continued interaction and return visits.

There is a hitch, of course (damn, isnt there always?).

If you’re using the DisQus Comment Plugin instead of your default template plugin, the comment redirect plugin will NOT work.  This is disappointing because of the value of the plugin. I guess it’s the usual story of balancing what you want with what you need.

Author: Joost de Valk

Download the Comment-Redirect plugin.