WordPress Contact Forms Plugin with Gravity Forms

Gravityforms was a recently released plugin for wordpress that is under the premium license.

It might be different from other plugins because it has a cost involved but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY.  Its so damn good I’m recommending it as an essential purchase and am affiliated with the developers. (Just to be clear).

The forms on your site are one of the most important aspects, and lets be honest this is a no brainer.

So don’t be tight.

There are a few other forms available (if you are to cheap to buy this) and the best is probably CForms II WordPress Plugin though it is quite comprehensive it its functionality it tends to update frequently to cover errors and other issues and, in order to maintain the integrity of the plugin you should update asap every time so it can be a bit of a time sink. Aside from that it is the best alternative.

So why is Gravity Forms so good.

Its so good because it is incredibly simple to manage, setup, install and has a range of functionality and application.

Honestly, its one of those, “Can’t live without it” type plugins.  Even though it costs to buy it the added benefit is that you have dedicated support as well and an active and informed community who are helping the developers find new ways of increasing the functionality of the plugin and of course dealing with tech support issues and questions. Not something to be snubbed! All the new functionality, like most plugins, is then added on to your existing plugin and because the developers are being supported financially the updates are of a very high quality.

Using the plugin requires you to do a little messing about by inserting your personal reference key into the settings, once you install and activate the plugin, to validate the purchase and also create an account on the Gravity Forms community forums but this is, in itself,  is a simple enough process.  Once you create a new form and realise just how much and how easy it is to do you will be hooked.

Have a read through the features that Gravity Forms offers and im sure you will agree that its money well spent. (and thanks for the business if you do decide to buy it, it is most appreciated).