WordPress Media RSS Plugin

This little plugin has an incredibly important and powerful feature. What it does is allow the media, and by that I mean video, audio and images, to be included in your RSS feed.  The reason it is needed is because the RSS feeds should have media coded or tagged in a particular way so that they work in the required manner for the feed and this plugin meets that requirement, making your feed more complete and bypassing “broken” information when it arrives in subscribers inbox or RSS readers.

This feature will (as far as I know) become standard in the wordpress core system in the future but until that time this plugin will manage the issue and resolve it so until then use it!

Simple to install it also has a range of customisable features that do require some coding knowledge to implement but it is not essential to make the plugin function. Upload, install it and activate and your done.

Author: Andy Skelton

Downalod the MediaRSS plugin for WordPress.