WordPress plugin Apture for linking

Apture is a lovely, smooth little plugin that integrates itself as a button onto the post WYSIWYG editor.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of an aesthetic plugin rather than adding any SEO, blog loading time or speed benefits. It’s dead smooth, works a treat and its one major attribute is that it adds some nice stickiness to your site.

What do I mean by stickiness? Well, without digressing too much, links to other sites are all well and good, but when you give a link to something else, there’s a healthy chance that the visitor will click this link and move to that landing page, meaning they will have left your site. Stickiness means that you can still serve that link via the Apture plugin, but when they click the link, it springs into action with some really cool pop up boxes and windows rather than a new browser window. This helps you retain the visitor and encourages them to stick around. Hence: stickiness!

Once you install the plugin, you’ll see the buttons appear on the top bar of the WYSIWYG editor. The step by step instructions are dead intuitive, so get it on and enjoy.

Heres a video to explain a little more about it.

Author: Apture

Download the Apture plugin