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As standard on blogs you will see that many offer a “suggested reading” or “other posts you may like” function at the bottom of the current post.  This is to encourage visitors to stay on your site while at the same time offering them something else that may be of interest. There are loads of plugins that do this and of course the merits can be argued on each one depending on what you want and aim to achieve.


One of the most popular is YARPP or Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. This gives you extensive control over the display of realted posts at the bottom of your post for things like the number of related posts to display, how to display them and also it has integration into your RSS feeds and Atom feeds and even allows you to filter out certain categories you do not wish to include.

The power in YARPP is that it scans your database of posts and attempts to match up the current post with something similar you have produced previous, helping to maintain the theme of the information and of course relate the information to something similar as the plugin name suggests.

Im not using YARPP at the moment as I am currently using another plugin called Linkwithin.

Linkwithin Plugin

This plugin has two very specific features I am currently enjoying.  The first is that it includes automatically generated thumbnails taken from the image in your posts to make the related posts look more attractive and exciting, no big deal you might think but it adds to the page and makes the link much more engaging. The other feature is that the plugin helps to generate traffic to my site by listing all the related plugins in a search engine friendly manner (meaning that the plugin itself has generated traffic to my site and im still trying to figure out how to be honest) which is an added bonus of course!

Linkwithin Author: Linkwithin

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YARPP Author: mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)

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