WordPress SEO Slugs Plugin

SEO slugs has nothing to do with the slimy little creature that you find in your back garden.  Rather, it refers to slugs as a “Title Slug” and in this case their removal from the post address or URL. Maybe your still wondering what I mean?  Let me illustrate.

When you create a post it will usually end up looking something like this:


What SEO Slugs does is strip out the words in the URL that are generic and hence meaningless.  These are the words such as “and”, “a”, “to” etc. Thus the URL will look like this:


Notice when you compare the two addresses that the new one has no “a” or “to”,“you” as SEO slug has removed them.

Now maybe your wondering why this is or would be any use.  Its actually quite logical.

The title URL you have is also a direct reference to the title and keywords you use in your post. By including “and” or “a” in the url you are needlessly lengthening it and “diluting”, for lack of a better word, the relevance of the other keywords which are more important.  In this case, the reminaing words in the title URL : /social-media-consultant

Once you install and activae SEO Slugs it begins to work automatically, you need do nothing else but post as normal.  If however you do, for whatever reason, wish to edit the URL/Address and include more words, then SEO Slugs will not overwrite them after you save your edit.

Author: Andrei Mikrukov

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