WordPress Tweetmeme plugin

If you have been reading blogs recently you will have spotted on a good majority of them a little speech bubble shaped button wit ha green bar under it which includes the words “tweet this”.

This distinctive green button is essential as it allows visitors to ReTweet your post or information in a single click, with minimal effort to their network on twitter.

As well as this it also serves to offer an idea of how important or popular visitors have deemed your post to be as the count of ReTweets is displayed in the button itself, the higher the number the mor e likely the next visitor will deem it as valuable and ReTweet it accordingly.  Tweetmeme also serves up, on its homepage, a list of the most ReTweeted and popular articles of the day, http://tweetmeme.com/ and this is an excellent method to generate traffic.

Bear in mind though that it only generates traffic and users will ultimately on ReTweet (RT) the information if they deem it as quality, you cannot manipulate this in effect, by automation or other means so the contetn better be good.

Simple to install, it also has a option to add in your own twitter name in the settings section so once someone hits the ReTweet button you will be notified via Twitter, via an @yourname, allowing you to respond to the person who ReTweeted your post appropriately with a thank you, or in some form of engagement, response, commentary or conversation.

Author: TweetMeme

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