WordPress XML Sitemap Generator plugin

I love this Google XML Sitemap generator plugin and so does Google.

To clarify (in case you don’t know) a sitemap is a single page on your site that is purposely set up for search engines to read and scan (spider) very quickly and realise what posts and pages you have (content) on your site.  If you have Google webmaster tools (get a gmail or google account and follow the instructions there) there you can submit the sitemap once you create it on the blog.

Activate the plugin and then check the settings.  They look complicated but really they are not, just take your time and read through them.

You will notice at the bottom of the list there is a list of “ratings” called “sitemap content” “frequencies” and “priorities” and its important that you set these to suit your site. They will not force the changes that you make but rather are considered as suggestions.

Author: Arne Brachhold

Download the XML sitempa plugin for wordpress here.