Writing a good wordpress blog

Writing a good wordpress blog isnt something that happens overnight.  It takes time, dedication and passion to succeed.  Heres a few points to consider when you begin your blogging journey.

Good WordPress blogs have a message and focus

A good blog has an aim, an opinion, a theme which it sticks to and addresses or a field it works within. Stick to the subject and make it rich and relevant to make it successful.  Blogs on football that talk about cuisine wont work.  Its that simple.  Your readers want to read about you and your subject specifically and not unrelated subject material.

Good WordPress blogs require dedication

Blogs require an investment. Good Blogs require a serious investment that can border on obsession.  You get out what you put in when you blog, it really is that simple and while it may take time for rewards to become apparent but the passion you invest will pay dividends, it all depends on what you want out of it that quantifies the reward.

Good WordPress Blogs inform

A blog is nothing if it does not inform.  Much like the newspapers of yesterday, blogs are a means of imparting opinion and valuable subject matter with the aim of informing others about that subject in question.  The way you write and the amount of personality you apply to your blog writing will and should come naturally and will help differenciate you from other similar subject blogs.

Good WordPress Blogs use constructed formatting

Write your wordpress blog with the reader in mind.  Long blocks of text and distracting colours and backgrounds make it harder for the reader to consume the information you write.  Dont make it hard for your readers.  Split the text into manageable chunks (paragraphs!) and use H1 and H2 tages to create specific sets of subject matter.  Semantic markeup helps both readers and search engines. Read Semantic HTML and Search Engine Optimisation for more info.

Good WordPress Blogs load quickly

The load time of your blog is of extreme importance.  No one wants to wait online so make a point of checking your blog load time regularly and making moves to optimise it and speed it up.  Faster loading blogs have lower bounce rates and offer greater satisfaction to visitors.  Check this post out for tips on WordPress Blog load speed.

Good WordPress Blogs are simple

Keep it mean and keep it clean. Dont take away from the content is a major key to creating a good blog.  There is no need whatsoever to divert visitors away from specific content but rather it should all flow and be consistant in form and structure.  The more “noise” you add the more digression from the important factor, the content. Just dont get boring.

Good WordPress Blogs inspire

A good wordpress blog inspires others to begin blogging.  While you have your passion others will want to share their passion also and your work can inspire them to begin the journey of writing and formulating opinion in their own blog.  Feel proud of that when it happens.

Good WordPress Blogs never stop growing

A Good wordpress blog will change…ALOT.  It should happen gradually though.  No one likes coming back to a blog that has the theme changed on a daily basis. Editing, adding and changing are part and parcel of the blogging world and with new plugins being developed and technology, markets and subjects in a constant state of flux there is no way that a blog should remain unchanged over a period of time. Grow your blog.

Good WordPress Blogs belong to you

Its your blog, make it your own.  No one can tell you what it should be and how it should be wrote or what opinion you should have.  Thats exactly what makes you different and of course interesting. Your blog belongs to you, so make it yours.