Writing Content for your Visitor

Content is King

Remember Content is King

Yes it is, but your website is the Queen, links are the Prince, and we could continue naming every other aspect as a member of this royal court but we wont as im bored of it already.

Good content alone is certainly essential but not on its own. Google uses approximately 200 (known) factors in deciding the final placement of your site.  Certainly producing quality content for visitors will go along way to attracting them and more importantly keeping them returning but it will not immediately boost you to the top of your target keywords.  Growth is the key on a solid base and growth can only occur gradually and constantly (with the occasional spurt) in a mature and respected website.

In this respect then the creation of content is difficult for a lot of people. It is a time consuming process to begin, edit, evaluate, and rewrite and edit the content as you progress and ensure that the message you are conveying is clear and meaningful.

The process of Writing Content for your Visitors

Writing content for your visitors should be a passion, and the aim is and should always be, to provide clear and useful information to satisfy their query. Many people I have spoken to consider the writing of content to be a chore and not essential or necessary and these very same people will happily talk all day about their business. Well in today’s search environment, talk is CHEAP.  If it isn’t in black and white (or whatever crazy colour scheme you use on your website :P) then it may as well never have happened.

Using a Copywriter to write your content

To bypass this issue, many people will use a copywriter to formulate and produce well structured and descriptive content specifically aimed at your target market and I would definitely encourage this due to the time constraints most business professionals and entrepreneurs face however I would encourage this information to be moderated by YOU, not just foir clarity but also that the personal touch can be included in the posting.

There are some excellent copywriters who will find writing content for your visitor a much easier affair than you ever will and a word to the wise, if you find them, PAY THEM WELL, as I will guarantee you they are few and far between!

Aside from the content though, what else should you be aware of? Check out these references, they make for some seriously interesting reading;