Zombie plague eh? More zombie Spam.

So our computers been turned into a zombie.

To some this may sound a little disasterous but others may actually be excited by the thought of an undying, flash eating, grusome monster that has internet capabilites and follows you around everywhere…

Sounds perfect!

But alas no, its another bunch of cretins who prefer to contriubte to everyones sorrow by turing the computer of some unsuspecting or unprotected person into a “zombie” whereby it basically acts as a donkey allowing more spam (the bane of all our lives) to be sent and not read.



There is no money behind the waterfall in the secret warchest left behind to the fortunate relative who only needs your bank account details to send you 10 billion dollars!

I firmly believe that if we refuse to fall for spam then at SOME point people will realise its a complete waste of time. We know it is, we all hate it but I still see peoples eyes light up at the mere thought of having an email reach so many people at once… IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THIS.

Also its not free.

Unless you hire the guys in this article:
Zombie Plague Sweeps the internet

I will bet you they work for free… get real of course they dont.